How Can I Pray For You?

Hey Riverbend Area!! How can we pray for you this week?  My name is Pastor Chuck and I'm the Pastor at First Reformed Church in Fulton...As a Pastor, there's one thing I know for sure...


Every single person is either:


✅Going through a storm


✅ Just came out of a storm


✅ Or is about to go into a storm


So whatever it is we'd love to pray for you personally...


Just so you know

- there's no judgment here... on our best day we are all sinners needing Jesus!


So click on the link below to send us your prayer request...


After all, it can't hurt to have people praying for you, right?


I promise to read every prayer request and to PERSONALLY  pray for you this week...


Let's pray soon!


It's  Pastor Chuck - I look forward to praying with you!




To send prayer requests the best way is probably to link to our FB Page...just click the button below.

To call or text your prayer request: 563-447-PRAY (7729)

Please be sure to leave your Name, Phone Number and Prayer Request.