Has Christianity Failed? Will Secularism Finally Win?


All around us in America the Christian Church seems to be growing weaker and increasingly irrelevant. 


Will Christianity finally DIE in North America and today's secularism or perhaps simply outright paganism finally rule the day?


That remains to be seen.


Here are the facts. 


From the insurmountable odds that faced the early church in Jerusalem after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, cowering devotees hiding for their lives emerged as bold witnesses to an amazing claim: that Jesus of Nazareth had risen from the dead having fulfilled the ancient scriptures that promised God Himself would work to undo the evils men and devils had unleashed in the world.


With that odd beginning, the Christian Faith went on to turn the world upside down. In mere centuries the empire whose power executed Jesus bowed before Him as the risen Lord.


Since then, in the West - what we know as Europe and North America - our expectations and beliefs have been shaped by Jesus Christ and Christianity in such a profound way that even people who would never call themselves Christians have had many of their beliefs, assumptions, and expectations shaped by the impact of Jesus Christ as He has transformed the world to date.


What will the rise of secularism and paganism mean?


Will what seems at first like a wonderful freedom from "religion" soon resemble the hellish pagan world the Good News of Jesus once transformed?


When people whose assumptions were unknowingly "Christian" see all their hopes and aspirations deconstructed before them will they suddenly want to know what Jesus is all about after all?


That remains to be seen. 


If you are in the least interested in or possibly concerned about the news of the day it pays to spend a few hours understanding the world that existed before the coming of Jesus Christ (and still exists in many places you may never wish to visit) and what may be again if our society's permeation with the Good News of Jesus Christ dies out.


Without being alarmist... are you prepared for that eventuality personally, psychologically, economically, and -  most importantly - spiritually? 


Find out as we study Dr. Alvin Schmidt's "How Christianity Changed The World" on Wednesday's from September 29th to November 17th at 6:30-7:30 PM at First Reformed Church 510 15th Avenue Fulton IL 61252... enter through the side door from the parking lot on 6th Street! 


There is no cost except the cost of the book if you do not purchase the book yourself!


Bring yourself, your questions, and your concerns and get a glimpse behind the headlines of our world and learn just how much is at stake!


We'll see you there!


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