Jesus's last command should be our first priority. As Christians, we are called to spread the good news all over the earth.


But why should we care about the world "out there" when there are so many needs right here at home? Because Jesus did. And does. And he moves through us, the Church. He has given us the incredible assignment of making disciples of all nations and being his witnesses to the ends of the earth (Matt. 28:19-20; Acts 1:8).








Roger & Sue Scheenstra

The Scheenstras work with a semi-nomadic people who pasture their herds in a desert region of eastern Africa. This ethnic group, which is 99% Muslim, has very limited access to health, agricultural, and educational services; many suffer from malnourishment, illiteracy, and high childhood mortality. Though the physical needs are great, their spiritual needs are even greater, since most of this people group have not understood or received the gospel. This is in partnership with an indigenous mission group as part of a team to be a Christian witness that seeks to proclaim the gospel through relationships and everyday interactions while working to help meet physical needs through community devolpment and health care.

Grace Covenant Ministries

Shoe squeaks, basketball thumps, and happy children squeals echo through the air at Grace Covenant Ministries (GCM). GCM provides Bible camps, sports, art, and gymnastic camps and programs for local youth in Jackson County, Kentucky. GCM uses these opportunities to share Jesus with the people in the greater Jackson County area. GCM's goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the community. GCM's campus also meets the needs of Jackson County residents through two local thrift stores, a home-repair volunteer work program, a short-tem homeless shelter, a school, a treatment center for at-risk boys, and a treatment center for men with substance addictions.

Rev. Josh & Eric Bode

At dawn in the city of Muscat, a call to prayer fills the desert air. It's the same call that echoes agains the buildings every day, five times a day. It is against this backdrop in Oman, a Muslim-majority nation, that God calls Christians to bear witness to peace and reconciliation in Christ. This call is lived out, in part, through the Protestant Church in Oman and the dozens of congregations in its care. Josh Bode pastors the PCO congregations as they build bridges and love their neighbors in Oman. They are from half a hundred countries, more than twice that many Christian traditions, and every socioeconomic class under the sun. This international body of believers serves Jesus in Oman, bears witness to Christian unity within human diversity, all while seeking to increase the global church.

Rev. Bob & Amy Abel

Book a dinner reservation, text a friend, say a prayer--these are all things you can do in 30 secons. In that same amount of time, two children are sold for the first time into sex slavery. That ads up to 3,300 per day and 1.2 million sold each year. The only way to combat those numbers is through prevention. Remember Nhu provides freedom for children around the world by ending the supply of vulnerable children for the sex trade. Through the gospel, the children also receive freedom for eternity. Bob Abel provides direction for Remember Nhu missionary staff, including pastoral care, new missionary transition, discipleship support, and leadership development. Remember Nhu currently operates in 16 countries through 100 homes for children, preventing 2,000 children from entering the sex trade.

Jennifer Lucking

Trapped, isolated, hopeless, hurting--these feelings are just a glimpse into life as a vicim of human trafficing and sexual explotation. Look closer and you will quickly discover that these victims and survivors live in your community, shop at your local grocery store, and drive down the same roads as you--human trafficking happens closer than you think. Jennifer is the executive director of Restorations Second Stage Homes, an organization providing safe, specialized, and supportive housing for survivors of sexual exploitation in southern Ontario, Canada. Through this program, Restorations is establishing a community the rejoices in each person's uniqueness; restores physical, spiritual, and mental well-being; and empowers individuals to step into their life's purpose.


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