Feed the Children

First Reformed Church of Fulton Joins Feed The Children Initiative in Whiteside County IL - 2023

Quick Facts:

Program runs on Wednesdays between May 31st to August 9th, 2023 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm * No identification or paperwork required * No cost * Three or Four prepared meals per bag

In a community where food insecurity has become an increasingly pressing issue, the United Way of Whiteside County and First Reformed Church of Fulton are stepping up to make a difference. Starting from May 31st, they will be offering free meals to all children and teenagers in Whiteside County throughout the entire summer. This initiative, known as the Let's Feed Our Children program, aims to alleviate the stress faced by families who heavily rely on school meals to feed their children.

Keri Olson, the Executive Director of United Way of Whiteside County, expressed her concerns about this critical matter. "Food insecurity has made an already stressful time even more so," she said. "The Let's Feed Our Children program will help bridge the gap by providing families safe, stigma-free places to receive meals."

The Let's Feed Our Children program ensures that kids and teens have access to nutritious meals conveniently. With a total of 18 sites in addition to First Reformed Church of Fulton spread across Whiteside County, children can simply grab a pre-packaged meal and go. These carefully curated meals will include kid-friendly options such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, crackers, granola bars, and fruit.

One notable aspect of this program is how easy it is to access!. No registration or identification is required for participation, making it accessible to all children and teenagers aged 18 and under in Whiteside County. By removing any barriers or stigmas associated with seeking assistance, the Let's Feed Our Children program strives to create an environment where every child feels welcome.

It is worth mentioning that Let's Feed Our Children and FIrst Reformed Church of Fulton have been serving summer meals for an impressive 22 years. Each of the 18 sites involved in this noble cause will only serve on Wednesdays but will provide three or four lunches for each child during that single visit. The program itself runs from May 31st until August 9th.

First Reformed Church of Fulton is proud to be an active participant in the Feed The Children initiative. Recognizing the urgency of this issue, our church eagerly joins forces with United Way of Whiteside County to support Let's Feed Our Children. Through our involvement, we hope to make a meaningful impact on the lives of children and families facing food insecurity.

As part of this collaboration, First Reformed Church will serve as one of the sites where children can receive their meals every Wednesday. Our dedicated volunteers are committed to ensuring that each child receives nourishing lunches during this challenging time.

By actively engaging in Let's Feed Our Children, First Reformed Church hopes to contribute to the welfare and well-being of our community's youngest members. Together, we can create a brighter future for all children in Whiteside County by providing them with nutritious meals and fostering a sense of hope in their lives.

Let us stand together, united in our efforts to combat food insecurity and make a lasting difference for the children and teenagers who need it most.

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