The story of Marcia Carter

In 2016 First Church celebrated 150 years of serving and praising our God. My grandmother attended services in Dutch. My family attended two services on Sunday. My parents were both leaders in the church. As a teen I was active in youth group, choir and Christian education. I was married at First Church and both our children were baptized here. It is a very caring, loving and giving congregation. Living in a neighboring town our children were missing many midweek activities. We then attended a church a couple of blocks away. When we became empty nesters, we moved ten minutes from First Church. We had missed the warmth and nurturing and returned to worship at First Church. It had become an older congregation and we have become more active in the life of the church. We feel at HOME here as we pray and worship together with many who have become life long friends.


The story of Val Bush

I came to this church 50 years ago when I was first married. My husband has went to First Church his whole life. I was baptized as an adult and made confession of faith after we were married. The people made me feel welcome and a part of them right away. Our kids were baptized and made confession of faith here. Through the years we have seen some changes. Most recently letting women serve as elders and deacons. The biggest change was having a woman pastor. We stay at this church because we are a family. We know each other, pray for each other, care and love each other. We get sermons straight from the Bible, which is the most important part of the service. We would like to hear some more contemporary music. There are things that can be changed and change can be good.


The story of Arnie Vogel

I was raised up in the Reformed Church. Made confession of faith at Trinity Reformed and got married there as well. As years went by we closed Trinity Reformed Church. Pastor Edie from First Reformed was there for me. My wife and I transferred our membership over to First Reformed. They have welcomed us and have been loving and caring for us.


The story of Randy Dykstra

I was born in to First Reformed Church and have been attending my entire life. This is the church my Mother's family has always been members of also. My father was a member of Second Reformed Church before he married by mother. When I was a teen, I was an usher and after I was married, I was elected in the mid 70's to the consistory as a deacon. At this time I am serving as an Elder, having one year left in my term. I am also the chairman of the Property Committee and a member of the choir.


The story of Phil Hook

Joyce and I got married in 1966. She was raised in the Christian Reformed Church in Morrison and I in Emmanuel Reformed Church. Shortly after we married we moved from Morrison to Fulton but we continued to go to Emmanuel Reformed Church. When our three girls were still young we wanted them to be raised in the church for Catechism and Sunday School. At that time I was gone from home an awful lot for work and Joyce did not wish to be driving back and forth to Morrison all the time. Kathy, our oldest daughter, was already attending Catechism on Wednesday evening at First Reformed Church, we decided to transfer our membership in 1973. Rev. Hoffman was the minister at that time.